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Price (Rent):     2,500 USD
Province/City: Phnom Penh

The Warehouse for rent Phnom Penh. Good for Commercial areas and suitable for mixed-use development project. ...

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New Properties

  • Ref: HR 12010100

    Flat for Rent        Bedroom 3    Car Park 8

    Phnom Penh: This flat is suitable for office space, Restaurant, Bar, Business shop, Gym, and specialist coffee shop or Restaurant....

    Price (Rent): 5,000 USD


  • Ref: HRI 1710158

    Villa for Rent        Bedroom 2    Bathroom 2    Car Park 6

    Siem Reap: Comfortable, rent for Villa just only price $400/PER MONTH. well condition, can walk distance. En-suite 2 bed room, have full set furnish TV, A/C, hot water........... etc. Please don't miss it.......

    Price (Rent): 400 USD


  • Ref: HRI 1710157

    Apartment for Rent        Bedroom 1    Bathroom 1    Car Park 1

    Siem Reap: spacious, functional, and well-furnished Villa where you will enjoy staying. Could Stay long term and short term, close to school & market. For more details CALL Now!.........

    Price (Rent): 200 USD


  • Ref: HRI 1710156

    Apartment for Rent        Bedroom 2    Bathroom 2    Car Park 3

    Siem Reap: New GREAT APARTMENT for rent, around Residential, commercial area. Price convert $650,have en-suite1bed room,$$750 have en-suite 2 bed room. well organize aspect in-out. CALL US FOR YOUR DETAIL..........

    Price (Rent): 650 USD


  • Ref: HRI 1710289

    Apartment for Rent        Bedroom 2    Bathroom 3    Car Park 2

    Siem Reap: Brand Apartment for rent payment $700/per month. simplicity nearest town, En-suite 2 bed room, Include A/C,H/W,BED... Full furnish. Please don't miss it....

    Price (Rent): 700 USD



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  • Ref: LSO 1710101

    Land for Sale        75m X 90m = 6750 Sqm

    Siem Reap: Land for sale in the Siem Reap -Situated in a Residential and Commercial areas. Land can construct Villa, Restaurant, Warehouse, Garage and Other business purposes.......

    Price (Sale): 70 USD/Sqm


  • Ref: LRI 1710202

    Land for Rent        30m X 40m = 1200 Sqm

    Siem Reap: This land for rent in Siem Reap along maid road, electric and water supply is available. Call us now for more details!......

    Price (Rent): 1,500 USD


  • Ref: LSI 1710401

    Land for Sale = 672 Sqm

    Siem Reap: LAND FOR SALE. Total size 672sqm. The Price USD $135000..This parcel of land in the simple road. The zoning include residential, and other business entity. HURRY UP CALL US FOR MORE DETAILS!....

    Price (Sale): 135,000 USD



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